Glam, Glitz and Elegance at The Kisumu Fashion Week 2018

Kisumu Fashion Week happened last weekend, celebrating 7 years of growth from humble beginnings under a tree at the Goan Hall grounds. The 2018 event was of pure class, glitz and glam as showed by everyone who attended the event. People dressed up showed up and turned up, in the most beautiful designs and creations from across the world.

Business of Fashion

This years edition had a precursor of the business of fashion talk too, that focused on finding out how fashion designers can build a business out of fashion ideas, which days past was a mere “tailors” trade in the rural communities, and was mostly associated with poor women jobs in the neighbourhoods. The seminar was graced by industry stalwarts as Kiko Romeo President, Founder of FAFA – Anne Mc Creath; Lucy Rao of Rialto Fashions, Fashion photographer Emmanuel Jambo; Image Consultant Derek Bbanga; Dorothy Oliech of Mochez Models, Liz of Dazzli Beauty and Barber; among the many other business leaders and guests who were in the house.

This was the first time a business talk on fashion has ever been held in this lakeside destination.

Kisumu Fashion Week was thus showcasing this growth of creative abilities by bringing out ideas and concepts which started as a passion and play for most of the designers that showcased their products.

This is a step in the right direction, depicting ideas and styles for the future by showing the world what’s hot, what’s Chic and trending.

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Fashion is big business and is a multibillion-dollar enterprise world over. Fashion products are sold worldwide, and gets to be showcased in major runways as the Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and even here home in Kenya, Nairobi and Kisumu. With this, it is tantamount to the designers in Kisumu to create products that can be consumed worldwide and therefore make Kisumu the fashion capital of Kenya. Anne Mc Creath actually said that her best fabric comes from Kisumu, and is made locally by Pendeza Weaving group based along Nairobi road here in Kisumu.

This is a sure proof that we can make our own fabrics and create garments that can make world fashion statements. It’s an industry that can be a major employer of our youths, if we can inculcate the culture of creativity, farming cotton and build an indigenous cottage industry. But this must also come with government support and policies to support and strengthen it.

The models were top notch, with astute catwalks on the runway bringing out the elegance of the designs they adorned. The walks were smooth, artistic and confident of true runway modelling experience.

Picturesque Designs

In the fashion night, we had Kenyan designers showcasing creatively designed apparels bags and accessories.

Shiroyalty with her elegant designs is an Afrocentric handmade clothing brand dealing in women wear. They promote being bold, standing out and self love through their almost Royal collection.

Tigo Arts and Fashion House showcased her contemporary African collection of dresses and t-shirts with prints.

Kechalee Kreations had garments of mixed fabrics with loud African prints and colours that make it easy for the day-to-day African woman.

The Rack is an urban neo-African brand that mainly caters for the young woman. They took a classic style and gave it the tomorrow African vibe. Its urban style with hints of maximalism.

Afrique La Mode brought out classy designs cutting across all types of wear from African, modern and for entertainment.

Rialto Fashions were also not left behind. They brought pure luxury into the runway, showing trends and styles for the classy and luxurious urban population who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The young kids were also not left behind. hey had fashion pieces created by Drem JC and Afrique La Mode to showcase.

Pictures Don’t Lie

Kisumu community didn’t disappoint either, showing up and dressing up all fashioned and styled from head to toe with fashionable African garments, jewellery, bags and shoes.

Kisumu turned up indeed! 

Images Courtesy Tonny Hillary 

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