About Us

KFW Logo

Kisumu Fashion Week was founded by Kysh and the Yawa Dance Company. One of the most successful productions performed was a piece titled ‘Own truth’ which included fashion models and designers in the performance. The show received positive reviews from the public and thus it was widely suggested that a platform to promote local fashion and design be initiated in Kisumu. Yawa Kenya which incorporates the Yawa Dance Company is a largely multicultural organization and has put this event together since its inception. This event is registered and incorporated under the Yawa Kenya stable.

The Kisumu Fashion week begun as an idea that was meant to create an avenue for fashion, design and creativity to thrive. The event was borne out of the fact that culture and expression thrives in places where it is allowed to evolve. Fashion is part of every culture and contributes greatly to our communities. It contributes to expression and promotes ideas innovation and creativity. It is a part of every society and has become a language and identity for which the community creates exchange and dialogue.

We hope that this initiative  ignites actions in other sectors that contribute greatly to its own growth as well as regional economic development. For instance the cotton industry of the western Kenya region has been on its deathbed for many years. While it would be a great incentive to revive the cotton industry, there also needs to be an equal growth of sub-sectors that will complement the industrial supply.

With that being said, Kisumu Fashion Week is just one of the many ways to ensure that we create a sustainable market while also contributing greatly to culture and expression. Our most important goal is to create an opportunity and platform for training, exposure and market for the fashion industry in the region and beyond.

Kisumu Fashion Week contributes to:

  • Sustainable creative growth and enterprise
  • Culture and expression
  • Regional and global tourism
  • Charity and wellbeing

The logo is the image of an African woman  and the clean cuts of her dress are like a seamless wind of the shape of a fish; refining her body and elegance like a true daughter of the Lake.